Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ramblings from my mind

If you aren't up to hearing a mumbling of words, then you can just skip this post.....

I've been thinking of my father in law lately. He has been dead for almost a month. It will be a month on Saturday. It still feels like yesterday that Bo was down there and that he was still alive. I keep getting images of him in my mind. I also am bothered by the fact that he didn't think that he deserved to go to heaven. I know that is obserred sp? and that everyone goes to heaven. I have many different thoughts on heaven. Sometimes I think that it is a big place where you see God and all of your family and friends who have died before you as well as your pets. Other times I think that the dead are all in bubbles asleep waiting for their relatives to join them. When everyone gets there, the bubbles are popped. Sometimes I think that Heaven is split up into sections. Some for the nonbelievers who are trained to believe. Some for the people who believe but aren't really sure about Heaven. Some who weren't bad but don't think they deserve to be in Heaven. Some who believe with all their hearts that this is where they are going to be. I don't know which is the right one. All I know is that my father in law is there somewhere. He is looking down and able to watch his grandchildren grow up now. He is a lot closer to them now because he can be with them. They carry a piece of him in their hearts every day because they love him.

So that's my ramble and that's what's on my mind tonight. Now I need to go and work some more on the lesson plans. I'm really excited about this.

Night All!! Aunt B

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