Monday, September 22, 2008


Today is Monday.. Enough said.

This morning, I woke up at 8 which is late for me. The dog continually woke me up through out the night. That wasn't fun at all. The kids slept until almost 10. They still aren't feeling very well. Hunter is back in bed sound asleep as we speak and it's only 1130. That alone lets me know that he is sick. Unfortunately for him, we have a soccer game to go to this afternoon. Plus we have to go to my parent's house and pick up some clothes for Tait and order pizza. Run to the store and pick up some oatmeal for Bo and then pick up the pizza and head home. It all starts at 215. It's not going to be fun especially with Hunter being sick.

I found out something today that interested me quite a bit. I found out that I have been emailing with someone at the book samaritan who is the Pioneer Woman on this site. When I found this out I was really excited because I love her website. Not only does she do all this stuff on the Pioneer Woman website but she also helps out with this site I think that is so awesome.

It is a chilly fall day out but the leaves look beautiful. I love watching the leaves change colors. It is weird how much earlier this year they are changing. I guess that means that we will be having another harsh winter.

Webkinz is quite the addiction. I have a really hard time still with not going on the site and letting the kids go on instead of me. I currently have five webkinz. A duck named Rosie, a white terrier named Tess, a rhino Abby, an elephant lumpy, and a groovy frog named Marley. Marley and Lumpy are boys. I really enjoy playing webkinz especially with the kids. Sometimes I just do it myself. I like doing that too.

Well off to school now. The girls are getting restless. I should really go check on Hunter too. Just to make sure he is alright.

Have a good day!!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hope Hunter feels better soon! That stinks.

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