Friday, October 3, 2008

Prayers needed

It's not often I ask for prayers. Today we went to gym class and were only gone for a few hours. However, in those few hours, my mom had been trying to call me. My niece, Olivia needs prayers. Her daycare provider went in to check on her and the blanket was over her head. She wasn't breathing. The daycare provider called 911 and tried to recessitate her. When she got to the hospital, she was able to be revived. They are running a bunch of tests on her and she is getting a CAT scan tomorrow. He has a brain bleed right now. My parents are on their way down to Bangor which is three hours away from us. I asked if they wanted me to come down and they said no. If they need me to come down then I will go. Olivia is only 4 months old and has her whole life ahead of her. Please pray for healing for Olivia and comfort for her mom and dad, Mark and Melissa.

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