Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I like to plan a lot but I have a problem with following through on my plans. Whether it be lesson plans of plans of cleaning. So I have developed a highlighting chart. When something is done, I highlight it with a pink highlighter. It is easier to see than just scribbling out on paper. I also hang up the lesson plans on the wall. While the kids are doing their lessons I take them down and set them on my desk. As they finish each subject, I highlight it with my trusty pink highlighter. It helps me to see what they have finished and what they haven't.

I like lists. I have gotten better with them. Especially with lists for cleaning the house. I make a list while I am at the daycare of things I need to do when I get home. Then when we get home I send the kids outside and get to work for the next two hours until we have to pick Bo up from work. I make a game out of it to see how much stuff I can get done before we have to go get him.

Right now I'm in fall cleaning mode so I have a master list of things I want done before the snow starts to fly. I have started to make lists off of that list to do each day. That way I don't feel overwhelmed when I am looking at my list and see that only a few things are highlighted.

It works for me. What works for you?

Have a good day!! Aunt B.


Mom2fur said...

There's a site that I've written about a few times on my blog that I just love, and you might enjoy, too. It's called "My Ta-Da Lists." It's totally free, and you make up your own lists. I have lots of them there, broken up into areas rather than rooms. For instance, instead of one titled "Kitchen" with lots of chores under it, I have ones like "Large Kitchen Counter" or "Counter by Stove." Under the stove one, I have things like: "Put Dishes in Dishwasher" and "Put Soap Away." This way, I concentrate on one area instead of flitting back and forth. You can use Ta-Da lists for anything you like!

Unknown said...

Really great idea : )! I need to go make a chart right now!

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