Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been tagged!

Here is the scoop: I am to tell you all 15 things I am not afraid to admit...ok, but don't say I didn't warn ya!

1. I like to wear pajama pants and a hoodie in the house. Especially if I don't have anywhere to go.

2. Sometimes I really don't like my dog.

3. I love to be the first one up in the morning because I can do what I want.

4. I'm very glad I chose to homeschool our kids even though some days I can't stand to be around them.

5. I can't stand the way my parents are raising my little sisters to be so materialistic.

6. I love to watch movies with the kids during the day.

7. I don't get a lot of adult social interaction because we live in the country and only have one car.

8. I have a facebook account only because my little sister is on there and that's how we talk most of the time.

9. I love collecting dinnerware. I have five complete sets of dinner ware. I use them all too.

10. I secretly want another baby even though I know it can't possibly happen.

11. I love to play video games with my family but I love to play them more by myself.

12. I hate to exercise. I don't even take the dog for a walk much anymore.

13. I love to read other peoples blogs but have a hard time with keeping up with my own.

14. I secretly wish my son would get his act together for school or I really want to put him in public school.

15. I love anything to do with snowmen. I love them so much my kitchen is snowmen.

Now to tag three people.

Mrs. C

Good luck ladies. I can't wait to hear what you say!

1 comment:

Sheri said...

Hey, read your'd love my bathroom during the holidays-I decorate it in snowmen stuff. I have tossed the "you're going to school" thing around with my 14 year old....gets frustrating to always play defense ya know? You'd think they figure it out that by just doing their work, in a timely fashion and without complaint, that we'd be more peaceful with them. I have had to put a lot of prayer in and take a lot of time outs for myself this past year due to some strongheadedness (is that a word?)...but I am seeing a change and so it is worth hanging in there...
Have a great weekend!

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