Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final farewell

This may be my last post for a long time. We will be moving this coming weekend. This week we have a lot going on with activities and the closing for the house plus a few other things going on. After we move into the house, we won't have any internet because the stupid people at Fairpoint said that their service doesn't reach us. We aren't really that far into the country. However we can't get Time Warner Cable either. We need high speed internet for school and Bo needs it for work. However we haven't been able to find one that goes out to our new home. Unfortunately for us we are already to sign the papers. We decided to go ahead and sign in the first place because we were told by the "lovely" people at Fairpoint that we could get service out to our new home. However yesterday morning, they called to tell us that they sent someone out to the house and we can't get it now. I'm very frustrated with the whole problem. Bo doesn't even want to get phone through them because of the problem with the internet thing. I think I talked him into getting the phone though especially since there could be a problem at home that I would have to call him about.

Beginning Friday, I won't be able to access anything online unless I can get wireless access somehow. I will try my hardest but there are no guarantees.

If this is the final farewell, I will miss you all. I will continue to write and hopefully update when I can. You are all special to me and I will miss sharing my thoughts with you all.

Have a great day and a wonderful life.

Aunt B.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

No... not FINAL farewell... I'm hoping every now and again you will go to the library and at least type a hello.

And the internet thing? Here's hoping it gets solved in that first month in. If you need it, there has to be a way.

I wonder if you couldn't ask the current owners what they use???

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

PS if you don't have my IRL address and phone, drop me a line. I don't want to miss you forever.

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