Thursday, June 4, 2009

Motivate to unmotivate

Today is going to be a busy day. I'm trying to be motivated to do things so that they get done and my husband doesn't think that I'm just letting things go. Because that's how I am. I let things go.... (So he says) Some day's I'm lucky if I can move around. I feel like there is a huge rock on my chest and it's not allowing me to do anything. I hate when that happens. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed about my life that I completely shut down and do nothing the whole day. I do much better when I send the kids outside to play. The only problem with that right now is that it is black fly season and they really love my kids.... Anyway. Today I've made a list of stuff to do other than the stuff I have to do out of the house and on the road. Hopefully I can get those done. I still need to clean my stove. I haven't done it since we bought it last year. But it is still very clean considering I've never cleaned it. I try hard not to let stuff get hardened on to the bottom of the oven and I have a difficult time more with the top of it. However I'm thinking that while I'm cleaning my kitchen today (because that is where I'm devoted today)I'm going to get that stove looking pretty spiffy. I also need to deep clean the sink, clean the microwave again, and clean the water cooler. I'm hoping that the water is all fine at our new house so we don't have to keep having the expense of buying water for the water cooler. Then I will have a water cooler for sale too. I don't think that many people will want to buy it but I'm sure that someone will. Hopefully today I can get my school stuff packed as well. (that is if I can get some boxes today) It may be difficult trying to get some boxes and doing a few errands today because we'll have Bella with us today.

Bella is going to the vet today for some shots and a physical. She was suppose to go in March but I didn't have the time to do it. I figured that since we were going to be moving to Caribou, I'll have to do it anyway. So she's going today. It should be fun. She hates the vet office. Maybe I'll stow away a few treats for her so that after her shots she can have a prize.

We are also going to the used book store next door to the vet's office. I have about four bags of books that I'm needing to get rid of. If he doesn't want them, I'll take them to the thrift shop or Catholic Charities. That way they aren't in my trunk anymore and I will have room for boxes.

Do you ever plan things in your head? For instance I have the living room all planned out in my head of where everything will go and what will go on the walls.I know where things are going to go in the exercise/music room. I know where things are going to go in the school room. The only problem with that is I need another table for the school room. I don't have one for up there. HMMM my friend PS may have one I could buy from her or have. I'll have to ask her about it sometime. That or I'm sure that we can get one from Catholic Charities. We don't need anything big. Just big enough for the kids to do their school work. I also know which shower curtain and rugs are going in which bathroom. I know what I want my kitchen to look like now. I know where I want the tent and the swing to go in the back yard. I know that I also want a fire pit in the back yard so we can toast marshmallows and hot dogs when we want. I know where the kitty litter and the dog lead are going. I have the house almost planned. It's weird because we haven't even paid for it yet but I know where I'm going to put things.

Anyway. I should get cracking with cleaning up the apartment so that we can start packing more stuff.

Have a great day. I know I will because the sun is shining.

Auntie B.

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Yes, now is the time for those extra physicals and deep cleaning the stuff you're bringing. It WILL get dusty in the truck, but a quick wipe-down takes way less time than a scrubbing. Blessings!

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