Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm hoping to get outside sometime today. It is such a beautiful warm day already. At 9 am it's already almost 70. There is a quiet breeze blowing. I hear the sounds of a movie behind me as Hunt wakes up for the morning. The girls are still sleeping quietly in their beds and I'm hoping Bo is up soon. Our household starts later than most families. Bo doesn't have to be to work until 11 so we tend to eat meals later, stay up later, and even wake up later than other families. I've gotten much done today already. The dishes, the garbage, the coffee, the laundry is started. I still have much packing and cleaning to do if I want to be confident to get our deposit back from the landlords here.

We went for a ride last night and almost hit a porcupine, a kitten, and a skunk. I have never seen an alive porcupine that close up before. It was definitely interesting. Yesterday morning, I saw a moose out for a jog in the field.I always think about how funny it is to watch them run. When I lived in Alaska about 15 years ago with my parents, we used to watch the moose a lot. There were a lot of moose on the base where we lived. These moose knelled down to eat their food. It was really interesting to watch. It kind of looked like they were praying.

The days are counting down until closing. We have 7 days left. I am so excited. I am nervous all at the same time. We are trying to figure out how we'll move all the big stuff to the new house. We have had offers from friends to help us move some things. Other things are really big and would require a trailer or a rental truck to bring them to the new house. We are getting rid of our washer, dryer, and water cooler.The only reason why we are getting rid of our washer and dryer is because there is a newer one that is staying the house that we are buying. We won't need our water cooler after we move so we are going to be selling that too. I decided to keep my gazelle and put it in the exercise room. That way I could still use it. Maybe if it is out more, I will use it more. Who knows.

I've made the menu for the next three weeks. It was just something I had to do to prepare for the move. Menu making is a very big part of keeping our home running smoothly. Usually on Friday's I make a menu and a grocery list. We go shopping and I both the list and the menu with me. We print the grocery list on to the back of the menu to make it more simple and to save paper. I have the menu with us to make sure I put everything on the grocery list. Sometimes I forget and look at the menu only to realize I didn't put something on the list. By having the menu with me, I'm able to remember things I would otherwise forget. When we get home from shopping, I put the menu up on the fridge. We usually follow the menu to the day. Sometimes though, we mix up the meals for the week, depending on our mood. Today I'm also going to make a cleaning schedule to put on the fridge to follow after we move into the house. That way our home will be clean all the time. By doing the schedule, I will be able to do certain things, certain days. That way I won't have to worry if my house is a disaster when company comes. I won't have to hurry and pick up because company is coming. It just works out well that way.

Well I'm off to make my schedule. I'll update more later when my head is more clear. Have a great day! I know I will.

Aunt B.

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