Saturday, July 2, 2011


Summer is definitely here. The kids are in activities, the house is more clean, and it's hot. Finally. We haven't had much of a summer so far. It has been filled with cloudy, cold days and rain. The kids have only swam in the pool a handful of times.

Today however isn't one of those days. We are filled with sunshine and warm weather! We are having our own BBQ and bonfire tonight. Very excited because this is the first one we've had this year. We get to break out the marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. We get to roast the hot dogs and enjoy the company of each other for the night. We get to break out the Morning Glories and watch them shine and sparkle through the darkness. Maybe we will get sparklers too and fireworks that the store sells. Today is a day for my family alone. Through the excitement there will be baseball, tag, and maybe even some soccer.

For all those who are fighting to keep our freedom in the United States, you have my heart and prayers that you get back home to your own family. This weekend is to remind us of a document we signed a long time ago to become a free country. To many in the country today, they don't feel so free. Their families are abandoned with the fact that they don't get to be with their loved ones on this important holiday. The men and women of these families are out in other countries protecting the freedom of our country. They put themselves in harms way each and every day. Many don't return to their families except in an elongated box.

So today and for the weekend, remember these men and women and children who are helping us to keep our freedom possible. Thank them, hug them, and make them know how appreciated they are.  Have a safe and happy Independence Day. Enjoy the weekend. Hold your loved ones a little closer today.

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