Friday, February 1, 2013

100th POST!! :)

I can't believe it! This is my 100th post. It is hard to believe that as much as I am not constant in keeping up with my blog, I have actually had 100 posts. This is so exciting. On another note:

We have prayed about whether or not to homeschool our children through the rest of their school years. I have fought tooth and nail for the right decision. I have felt that when our kids were in public school, we had one problem after another. Now that they are being homeschooled again, those problems have disappeared. However, new problems have surfaced. Some problems are simple to fix. Others aren't quite as simple to fix. They aren't worried about being dressed further than their pajamas most days. That is fine with me. I would rather be in comfortable clothing as well. School work gets done effectively and efficiently which makes me very happy. They have a limited social scene right now which worries me some what. The friends they had in public school don't seem to want anything to do with them much anymore, except for when they see them in public. Their "friends" don't interact with them on any social sites or call them or ask if they can come over and hang out or go out and hang out with them. It saddens me as their mom because I know that they are social kids. Because of this social situation, our oldest daughter has decided that she wants to return to public school in the fall. She feels that although she thoroughly enjoys homeschooling and is getting more out of her school work here than she would in public school, she really misses her friends. She feels that her friendships would be better if she were there. I'm sure they would. But, it is the true friend who continues to be with you despite the school you attend. They call, they visit, they ask questions, and they keep in contact. It worries me that, although she has a great head on her shoulders, she is being guided to think that her friends will like her more once she is at school. I am afraid for that mostly because she has such a gentle soul and I hate seeing her get hurt. 

On another note,  my house has been suffering because I have to be hands on with my son with his school work most of the time, and it feels over crowded sometimes especially since it is filled with stuff. Currently, I am sitting in my office and I am feeling so claustrophobic because everyone else in my house keeps putting stuff that doesn't belong in here. The plan for today is to hopefully get this office cleaned out and organized better.  We are planning on having a huge yard sale this spring once all the snow goes away. Some days I feel that although I am purging what is necessary to purge in our house, it just keeps piling up with stuff. I am very proud of my husband though because he has been on the ball these last few weeks with purging and cleaning out rooms. He is on room number two. I however, have only worked on the bathroom and the kitchen in the past few weeks. I bought new dinnerware and am trying to get rid of the old dinnerware. Unfortunately I didn't buy enough dinnerware that it would feed guests so the old dinnerware has been served as a backup.

My daughters are running in beauty pageants this year. I am excited, nervous, scared, and frazzled about it. I was fine with the youngest running. Her sister however, was upset because she has always wanted to run in a pageant and her dad has always told her no. So after a lot of convincing, I was able to successfully tell her that she could run. What is exciting about this is that, although they are running in separate categories, they are running in the same pageant and get to do this together. Which, in turn, will help them to become even more closer than they already are. The older of the two will be playing Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz on the piano. The younger one will be singing Once Upon a December from Anastasia. Since our meeting yesterday, we have been looking at hair ideas and dresses. It is exciting to do girly stuff with them. It is especially exciting to look at girly stuff like this.

Have a fabulous day!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I would reallllly highly recommend a kindle fire. SO many books are free or close to it. You'd basically just need your math workbooks and an English essay grading rubric and you are on your way.

I hope you find some solutions that help tame the clutter. I have found myself procrastinating cleaning things because I KNOW my husband will claim the spot for his crap... ha ha ha!

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