Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The end is drawing near

We have been very busy getting our house put back into order from the winter. I love being able to clean things out I feel that we don't need anymore. My house is looking presentable now. I am just hoping that it stays that way. The yard is beginning to shape up. I've got most of my garden cleaned up. The back yard needs a lot of holes filled in. I am hoping that we can get the hill that we have in our back yard leveled this year. So many people need fill. We will be using some of it to fill in the various holes left by the skunks as well as the skunk hole that was so kindly dug in our back yard. That will hopefully be done today.

School is almost finished. Bubba has been assigned a research paper due on our last day of school which is next Friday. I am so excited for my two big kids.

The kids have begun to take interest in their bikes again. When we bought our house, someone left behind a girls mountain bike. I didn't mind because it was in good condition and we could sell it if we wanted to. This year Grace has outgrown her bike. She tried out the bike that had been sitting in the shed for the past four years and it fit her. She was so excited that she has a mountain bike now. The kids have begun riding their bikes down the road and back. That's a big deal for them because our road is a very busy, fast paced, country road. Here is Grace with her new to her bike.
I love that the weather has been so nice lately. Here in northern Maine, it is a treat to have such warm weather at this time of year. The animals have been enjoying the weather outside too. We've had a few pesky animals outside as well. I love to hear the woodpeckers in the morning. However I wasn't too thrilled about this one and the damage it has done to my maple tree in the front yard.

I don't think I have ever seen a woodpecker this large.

With spring here and school over in one week, the kids are excited to begin new adventures. Our oldest will be babysitting for the summer which excites her because this is her first job. She will also be taking drivers ed sometime. This is exciting as well. We are pretty much ready for the school year in the fall. I'm just trying to figure out the schedule for the computers since we only have a few working computers at this time. I find it interesting that when we decide to use an online curriculum, the electronic devices that we will be using begin to fade. This does not make me a happy mama. On another note, I am trying to convince my husband to put a few more cupboards in the kitchen and set up a work station for the desktop computer. I think it will work. We will have to see.

For now the back yard is calling to have it's holes filled in. I'm heading out to enjoy the sunshine and heat of the day. Have a fabulous day! I know I will!!

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