Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A day in the life of this homeschool mom

With one child still in public school, my days begin at about 5 in the morning. I get her up and ready for school. While she is getting ready for school, I clean up the kitchen from the previous night's snacks. The guys in my house like to make a mess at night and don't enjoy cleaning up after themselves. I watch for the bus to come. With a new route schedule, the bus comes later than usual. This gives Grace and I some extra time together  to chat and have some special time, just the two of us.

 After Grace gets on the bus, I begin my Bible time. Bible time is very important to me. It helps me to center my day and be more confident in how I go about during my day. I have started to make an attempt at being a better wife and house keeper. I am hoping to be a better person and more cost efficient. I begun to bake my own loaves of bread again to save money any way I can.

Then, I get up the two kids who are home with me. They tend to stay up later than I do, with their dad. Sometimes it is difficult to wake them up because they like to sleep. They get up and I make them breakfast. The school day begins after that. I don't make my kids get dressed if we aren't going anywhere. I don't see what a change in clothing has to do with their eduction. I make sure they have their books and notebooks ready and we begin. I don't have a set schedule for the kids to do school. They do the subjects that they want to do first which, typically, are the easier subjects. Then later in the day, they tackle the more difficult subjects like Math. Our son does not like math at all. He thinks that the world can go on without ever needing math in his day. It has been explained though that Math occurs all the time. This usually takes the longest amount of time and patiece each day. I am trying to find a curriculum that is more understanding for him to use. Currently we are using Saxon Math. We have used this most of the years that we have been homeschooling. I really like it and it is easy to teach the lessons. However, the issue with teaching Bubba math, is he doesn't like to learn the lessons. He just likes to get the problems done and be done with the whole thing. I've been bouncing a few ideas around for another curriculum for math but I haven't really come to a decision yet.
 When school is finished, we clean up our books and pick up the house a little bit. Then the older two kids go off and do their own thing until Grace gets home from school.This year we didn't go to many homeschool activities becaue we had Grace to think about. This year we are planning to have our own homeschool group with lots of fine arts. I am excited to be heading this up at our church. I am also excited that there are a lot of awesome ladies in my church that are eager and excited to be planning this with me.

More to come. ... Have a fabulous day!!!

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