Friday, June 14, 2013

Homeschool Review: Classical Historian Go Fish Game

The Classical Historian is a wonderful website that provides a Christian curriculum about The history of our world. They offer many different parts to the curriculum. My favorite part that they offer is their card games. My kids are more interested in video games and being outside lately. However, a few weeks ago I received this game in the mail. It is called Ancient History Go Fish.

This game is exciting and fun. The kids enjoyed playing each different kind of the game. There are four different ways to Play the Ancient History Go fish Game. You can play go fish, chronology, collect the cards, and continents.

The Go fish portion of the game is just like any go fish game. You ask for a certain card that would match your category of cards that you are looking for. It is an easy way to learn what each of the cards are and it's fun to read the cards too.

The chronology portion of the game encourages the children to put the cards in chronological order. This makes it fun. It is especially fun if you are a history buff. My son really enjoyed this part of the game.

The collect the cards portion of the game encourages the children to collect the cards that match their pile. There are twelve different categories in this part of the game. The categories include prehistory, Ancient Asia, Mesopotamia, Ancient Hebrews, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, Native American Homes, Political Leaders, Seven Continents, and Rivers of Early Civilizations. In order to win this portion of the game, you have to collect the four cards that go with your certain category.

The continents cards portion of the game helps the children to learn where each continent is and they are able to pair them together.

My kids really enjoyed this game. In playing it, they learned a lot as well.

I hope you like it too. You can purchase this game right on the Classical Historian website for $11.95. You should buy it. Your kids will thank you!

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