Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall is abuzz with the sound of wood snapping

This past week we have put in a new to us, antique cook stove. It is from the early 1900s. I have had a difficult time starting the fire and relied on my husband to get it going for a few days. Because of this, our supper for two nights in a row were late but the kids didn't mind.

Yesterday, however, I started the stove in the morning and had a good blaze going. It stayed good all day and by supper time it was 82 degrees in our house. Breakfast, lunch, and supper cooked wonderfully and I was totally amazed.

Our oil boiler is out of oil right now and we are having a difficult time siphoning the oil from the oil drum in the garage to the house. So because of that, I set out two pots of water to heat up for this mornings showers. It turns out that I am amazing when it comes to thinking ahead about stuff like that. Both pots are hot this morning and our oldest daughter is currently washing her hair. The flame on the stove lasted all night and I am amazed as to how well it works too!

I am excited to be going back to my roots. It makes me think of my grandparents when they used to cook for the lumber camps in the Northern Maine woods so many years ago. I am proud that I can do this with my family.

Now we just need to get the wood boiler installed and we will be cooking with fire for the rest of the winter. We also need to get the rest of our fire wood in for the winter. I think we may need to order more too because I don't think what we got will last us through the winter.
Here is a photo our our new cook stove. The pipe is all hooked up now and working wonderfully.
Have a blessed day all!

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