Friday, November 22, 2013

Morning Ponderings

This morning I sit in my kitchen listening to the sounds of the wood crackling in my cook stove and the coffee percolating on the stove top. The sun is just beginning to come up. The puppy is laying by the door next to where I sit typing this today. It is quiet in the house and I enjoy that. I especially enjoy it when I anticipate the comings of the day. Today our little girl is 12. Yesterday was her birthday. It is so difficult  to see that she isn't a little girl anymore. I'm still glad that she has that little girl in her though because she still loves to play Barbies and has that little girl spirit.
Here she is for her birthday yesterday.
The fun part about her birthday is that she was able to go to the local hair school with her two best friends and get her hair and nails done. They had so much fun. Her friends spent the night and they are all currently still sleeping.
On our children's birthday, I always let them decide what they would like for supper that evening. They get to choose what they want for breakfast and lunch. Usually supper is pretty extravagent though. 

This year is a little bit different because we have the cook stove and I wasn't sure what we could make in time. The Princess requested fried chicken with poutine which is french fries, gravy, and cheese,  I also made cheddar garlic biscuits and we had chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting for dessert. My husband is from the south and while I was making this supper, our oldest daughter kept reminding me that most of our supper was like having a southern supper. I think she was just as excited about it as the Princess was. I was a little concerned at first because I forgot that I needed to keep track of the wood and it died out a little bit. However, it turned out perfectly and everyone enjoyed it so much. There were still some leftovers which will probably be used for lunch today.

Tomorrow we are having her family party which means that my parents are coming over. This will be the first time that my parents have been to my house since before we put the cook stove in, got the puppy and did a few more things around the house. I am excited for my mom to see our cook stove and see just how well it works in our kitchen. I am also excited to have them over for supper because I will be cooking a big turkey tomorrow with stuffing, vegetables, potatoes, homemade rolls and more birthday cake for dessert. Everyone is excited. Especially me!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this but we got a puppy. She is half Alaskan Malamute and half Great Pyranese. She was 10 weeks old when we got her. I tend to forget how active puppies can be. However, this puppy is one of the best things that have ever happened to our family. I think she has truly brought us closer together. She's still teething though and that has posed a little issue with our oldest daughter. She doesn't have a stern bone in her body. Whenever the puppy jumps up and tries to bite her pants, she laughs and tells her to get down. I know that she can be stern if she has too. She just has a hard time doing it with the puppy. In those instances I make sure that she remembers her place and she backs off with a little help. 

We love Duck Dynasty. Who doesn't? These people have brought America back to the basics and reminded us that we can be like our ancestors were. The world and woods are at our fingertips. We love watching the show because we get tips on how to get back to our roots. One person who is particularly interesting to my husband is Uncle Si. My husband grew up in the South so he can definitely relate with the tea fetish. He has one too. As a matter of fact, if I don't realize that the tea jug is empty, I get in trouble because he has to have his tea. When we brought our puppy home, the first thing she did was drink my husband's tea. She went right for the cup and just drank it. So we named her Si like Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty. Our oldest daughter will fight with you about that though. She has a different story about that. We'll just stick with the Duck Dynasty one. Si even sits in the livingroom when we watch the show and when my husband isn't looking, she sneaks another lick of iced tea.

This is what she looks like now when she's not hyper. She currently weighs 28.5lbs at 15 weeks old. I know she's going to be a big dog. She has almost doubled her weight in a month.

All in all she is a good puppy and a joy to have in our home. We will not be breeding her though. We have decided to have her spayed next month after she turns five months old. I secretly wished that we could have at least one litter of puppies but there are too many dogs in the world without a home. Because of that we don't need to be adding to the mix by selling dogs that are bred by our puppy. So on the 23rd of next month, she will be spayed. I know it's soo close to Christmas but it is important for our puppy too.

Christmas is coming all too fast. The other day my husband and I were driving through town and they already had their Christmas decorations up on the light poles. I thought it was  a little early since Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet. It drives me crazy that people are already putting up their Christmas stuff and Thanksgiving hasn't come. However, with some people I understand. My mom put her Christmas stuff up last weekend because my sisters are coming home for Thanksgiving. That means my nieces are coming home too to visit. I am so excited about that. This will be the first Christmas that my youngest niece will understand Christmas. I am also excited because we are going to be taking photos this year for my parents. We are going to be doing a big photo shoot with all the family. I hope that everyone cooperates.

Well this is long enough so I'd better check the fire and prepare another cup of coffee, take the turkey out of the fridge to finish defrosting and check on all the kids. They are all sleeping in because they were up soo late last night.

Have a fabulous day everyone. I know I will!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Loved this post! Your kiddos are growing up so quickly!

brandy lindsey said...

Thanks. I really should be posting more. I just forget sometimes.

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