Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I am such a slacker!

So it has been awhile since I have posted anything. Since my last post I have had knee surgery, we have finished school and I am planning the next year. I have begun a bible study with my sisters from church. It is pretty awesome. It is called Breaking Free by Beth Moore. We are only in week one but I really enjoy it so far.

A few weeks ago I had my ACL ligament replaced in my knee. I had the choice to use my own ligament and shorten it. This takes a lot of recovery period. It is also something that I can't afford to have. The other choice was to use a ligament from a cadaver. This took a lot less recovery period. I chose the cadaver.
This is how I looked after surgery.

Since then, I have had all stitches removed and I am going through therapy. I have been out of work and it is very difficult for me to be dealing with that because I absolutely love my job.

However, in my spare time that I have accrued since I have been out on leave, I have been working on school stuff. I am beginning to prepare now for school because there is a lot to do between now and when school starts. I want to make sure we are prepared. Bubba will be using a mixed curriculum this year because he likes to use books for some and the internet courses for other subjects. I am really looking forward to the year of school this year. I think it will be productive, challenging and exciting for all the kids. We are getting closer to having a high school graduate too. She is excited to be a Junior this year and is busily planning her college out. 

That's all for now. Have a fabulous evening!

Auntie B

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