Thursday, September 18, 2014

It's happening again

I know that I have posted about my husbands depression in the past. I also know that it will be a life long issue with him. However, as his wife, I pray that he can live with the depression as a happier person. He is in the psychiatric hospital once again. This is the third time this year that he has been there. I pray that this is a turning point for him. I pray that this is the time that helps him the most and that he gets the most out of his time there. I pray he gains the tools necessary to survive and thrive successfully at home with his family. I pray that this time will bring him home happy. 
 I see the sadness, not only through his eyes, but through our children as well. It pains me to watch them struggle through the day knowing that it will be a long time before their dad will be home again. For the kids and I, I pray for strength and a sense of bonding again. I pray that they get through this and begin a better relationship with their dad. I pray that they can be happy again.
Please pray for our family. In advance, I thank you.

From the depths of my saddened heart,
Auntie B

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