Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My BIG Problem

I have a problem. It is very detrimental to my life. It is starting to sufficate me and I know I need help. My problem is that I am a shopaholic. I love shopping for ways to organize my home. I love shopping for new stylish clothes that my not so skinny body can fit into. I love searching for unique things at consignment shops that I think would look awesome in my house. Because of this, my house is full to the brim of stuff. Each time I go through my stuff to declutter my house and downsize, I realize I'm missing something and I need to fix that. So I go out and buy more stuff. Just recently I got a bonus at work for the hard work I have done. I went away on a ladies retreat downstate with some of my best friends. I spent some money on things that I thought I needed. Then we went to the Hallmark store and I fell in love again with Vera Bradley. My problem was that I couldn't just have one piece. NO! I had to have a purse, a tote, and a wallet. I didn't buy them at Hallmark but on Ebay. Did I need these purses? Nope. But I had to have them. It ate at me and ate at me until I started looking. Then I felt driven to find the exact one I was looking for and I had to buy it. I know I have an addiction and I am putting my foot down today. Today I am putting an end to my addiction to buying and only buying things that are really necessary. On that note, I am going to have a yard sale next weekend. I am putting all my unnecessary things in it and hope people will come buy it.

Have a blessed day everyone!

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