Wednesday, February 24, 2016


So much has happened since the last time I have posted.

Bo and I celebrated or 15th wedding anniversary in August. In October he filed for divorce. The divorce was final on Janary 6th. It has been a long hard struggle. Mostly because I feel that I'm caught in the middle of things with the divorce and him regretting the divorce. He says that when he filed, he was manic and thought he would be better without me. Now he realizes what he did wrong and wants me back. I'm not sure how I can handle this. It is a really difficult situation to be in. I know that things with him are still rough but I also know that the kids and I are happier and healthier. We have plans for our future and while I still love him tremendously, I don't know if I can go through with being in any kind of relationship with him again.

Which makes this really hard. The house was left to me until our youngest graduates high school. Then I have to put it up for sale. So for now, I plan on fixing up the house to sell it. I hope to make it look fabulous and comfortable for whoever desires to buy this house. I am trying to purchase a home that is up for auction currently. I pray we can find the funds to purchase this as it has several apartments attached that would make a wonderful income for my family.

We also got a new puppy named Pete. He is a purebred husky and he absolutely adores me. I adore him too. He gets along wonderfully with Si and sleeps next to me in my bed. I am learning to find my way in the world and to be a single powerful woman in the world of powerful me. I pray that I can share God's love with others and find new friends. I hope to renew my old friendships with some of my friends and become closer to those who I cherish in life.

So for now I sign off. Have a good night. I will post my renovation updates as they come available.

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