Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Fun Sunday

We have a fridge with a bottom that we bought about 6 years ago at Lowe's during the Black Friday sales. It is beautiful. It is stainless steel. It makes ice and has water. There is even a separate drawer foe vegetables. I absolutely love it most of the time.

One thing I don't like, however, is that sometimes it doesn't shut properly because of ice build up in the bottom from people not shutting it all the way. Last year it started acting up. The freezer would start buzing and it stopped freezing food. So we borrowed another fridge from a friend and unplugged ours.  A few months later, it seemed to work perfectly again. There was no buzz and the freezer was working again. 

Last week, we noticed the buzz again. The food started not freezing again and the ice cream was more like chocolate milk. So we took to searching for different problems and how to fix it. One problem was that the fan in the back was frozen which couldn't circulate the air. We started to take apart the freezer. First came the basket, then the door, then the cover for the thermostat, then the cover for the fan. Once we go that cover off, we could see that it indeed was the case. 

I took the back of the freezer off and could not believe what I saw! 

This was what the cooling part of my freezer looked like. It was no wonder it wasn't cooling at all. 

We researched how to defrost this manually. It was decided that instead of using he heat gun, we would use a hair dryer. That was mostly because it wasn't as hot. 

It took three hours to completely defrost the freezer. It was totally worth it. Now the freezer is freezing beautifully and we have no sound from the fan. 

Plus my dear and awesome husband cleaned put the back of the fridge so that it is like having a brand new fridge. 

What was your Sunday like?

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