Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Why do Photography?

I have run my own photography business for about 5 years now. Maybe longer. At this point it is at a when wanted manner. If someone wants photos done, I'll do them. I really enjoy photography. I love taking photos of nature, animals, and people. I'm good at it.
BUT!!! There are so many "photographer's" out there now that it is hard to distinguish between the professionals and the amateurs. The professionals are the ones who went to school for photography and who are very experienced in what they do. They have been professionally taking photos for many many years. The amateurs are those who have been told that they take amazing photos and just try to make a profit from it. I'm a little of both. I have taken the classes but don't have the certificate. I also have been doing this for a long time.
Does this mean that I'm going to quit because there are so many photographer's out there? Nope! Not happening. As a matter of fact, I support the other photographers out there and encourage them and praise them and help get them more business. For me, I am in an as you need me mentality.
I'll keep doing it but it won't be my main way of making money. Here is a sample of what I have done in the past.

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