Friday, November 7, 2008

Newest Rambilngs

Well for starters, on Tuesday, I quit daycare. Since then, we have had nice days together. School is going great. We are making new waves in History and Science. Today the kids watched Around the World in 80 Days. It was pretty cool.

I'm having a tough time emotionally right now. My Grandmother is in the end stages of COPD and emphysema. Not sure if those two things are the same thing. She is off all medications as well as anything else except her bipap machine. She has only a few days left to live. My sister Mrs. B. whom I've written about before, is coming up here tomorrow with my beautiful niece. I am so excited to see them but saddened that it has to be on these terms. I'm hoping that my Gram passes quickly and peacefully. My Dad told me today that as soon as she ate lunch today, she was already back asleep. Her body is starting to shut down but she is still able to communicate. I'm not sure I'll see her again before she dies. I sure wish I could see her but they aren't letting extended family in to see her. They are only allowing the brother's and sister's in to see her. This saddens me even more. Mostly because she's my Grandma and I love her so very much.

Please pray for my friend Heidi and her daughter Sienna over at Sacred and Profane. Heidi's kids are all sick and Sienna broke her butt.

Hope you have a good night. I'm going to try to.
Aunt B.

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heidi said...

(((B))) :-(

Thanks for the Prayers!!!

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