Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tea for Me

I have always had the dream of having my own tea set as an adult. Having adult tea parties always seemed fun to me. Part of my dream came true last month when Bo bought me my own tea set. It is beautiful too. It is white with blue flowers. I love it. It is almost perfect. However it isn't china. I would like to have one set of china too. Just for safe keeping. Something I can pass on to my kids.

We participate sometimes in Tea on Tuesday with other homeschoolers. I really enjoy this part of the day. Sometimes we don't do it on Tuesdays. Sometimes we do it more than once a week. It is a part of the day when we can sit and talk about stuff going on in our home and our lives. It's time when I can share a story with my kiddos and not have to worry about splitting my time with them.

However I still would love to have an adult tea party with my friends. I think that would be so fun. It would be complete with pastries and tea, coffee, hot chocolate. What ever they fancied. We would be dressed comfortably or dressed up. Then we would be able to sit and chat while drinking our beverages. Hopefully one day we can do this. I think it would be so much fun.

Have a good day. I know I will.


heidi said...

How fun!!! Enjoy your tea set :-)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Mmm. I will wear sweatpants and slippers and eat gobs of pastries while we chat.

LOL my word identification thing says "cater"

Leah Courtney said...

What a neat tradition! Enjoy your tea set. :-)

Sheri said...

ok, how do I find the email...for some reason I cannot find it (ever) on blogger...why? Cuz I am not too savy on this blog thing. Oh, the TOS crew will be all new next year-so do try again! Just follow the reviews to see why styles they look for and I bet you make it next time round!
you can comment on my thing again-otherwise,
Just put postcard exchange in the tag line so I won't think it spam.

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