Saturday, February 16, 2013


I have attempted to write this post for a few days now. It goes without saying that I didn't get around with it. Right now I am obsessed with homeschooling. We are nearing the end of our school year and everyone is getting anxious about it.

We are getting ready for many things right now. We are taking our youngest downstate because she has an irregular heartbeat that is beginning to effect her more. We are heading down to see the pediatric cardiologist. I am very worried that there is something seriously wrong with her. Please pray that things go okay. Because our appointment is in the afternoon and we have to drive 3 hours, we will be staying at the Ronald McDonald house. I feel very blessed that we are able to do this because I know that Grace will be very tired and we have some shopping to do while we are down there.

Both of the girls are participating in pageants this year. I normally stay away from this kind of stuff because my sisters participate as well. However, this year, both girls were talked into doing it by my youngest sister. She doesn't know what she is getting into with those girls. Tait and Grace are very excited to be participating. Their talents are awesome. Grace is singing Once Upon a December from Anastasia. Since she's had a horrible cold, she hasn't sounded very well singing it. I know she can do it though. Tait is playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the piano. She is such an elegant piano player. With only a few lessons, she was able to play this song. This weekend she is working to perfect the song. I am very proud of both of them. I am confident that they will do their best in the pageant and have fun together doing it. I am also confident that this will bring them closer as sisters. This is something that I am definitely hoping for.

School is moving along quickly. Tait does a subject a day instead of a little bit of each subject a day. She is moving through her textbooks beautifully. It is awesome that she is in high school. I am proud of all she has accomplished so far. Yesterday her and Bubba completed their Spelling book. They were very excited to complete one textbook. Some people, such as my mother, who is a teacher, wonders why I still teach Spelling to my kids. I believe that you should know how to spell certain words. With those words, I want them to have a grasp on what the word means and how they can use it in a sentence. I firmly believe that they are learning this through their Spelling curriculum. I also believe that it gives them a much stronger form of vocabulary.

We tend to homeschool in leisure. I don't make the kids get dressed unless we are going somewhere. Lately it has been going to the orthodontist or pageant practice. However, they stay in their pj pants most of the day. I am totally fine with that. I tend to want to stay in my comfy pants more often than not as well. That is the joy of homeschooling right? You have the option to get dressed each day? What bugs me though are those children who go out in public in their pajamas. I mean, if you are going out in public, at least get dressed. Pajamas are for staying home.

Have a great day! I know I will!

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