Friday, March 29, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Modified

From the time we began homeschooling to current times, we have used a variety of curriculum. I have tried several different types of curriculum that required different ways of teaching. Through all the varieties of curriculum, I have only wanted what fit best with my kids. For years, we have used Abeka for Language Arts, Science, History, and Grammar. We have used Saxon for math. I really love this set up. However with the teacher books and the student books, as well as the tests and quiz keys, the activity books, and readers, it has proven to be quite expensive.

 This year, I requested books from The Book Samaritan. This is a company that gets donations of curriculum to distribute around the country to different homeschool families who cannot afford to purchase their own curriculums or having a difficult time to purchase certain parts of their curriculum. We recieved our box and it was most of the books that I requested for all three kids. But upon reading throught the material that was sent to us, I saw that it looked really boring. I shrugged it off because it was the curriculum we always used and it worked for us until now.

 I began asking around in the groups that I'm a part of to find the remaining books. Upon my search, I listed the books that I needed. I kept seeing the signs everywhere. The final straw that lead me to where I needed to be was someone commenting on my plea, that there was this awesome homeschool curriculum site that had everything for free..

 Free??? Could it be??? I went to the site. It was called Easy Peasy Homeschool. I began to look at the lessons for each day in the grades that I needed. Not only was it remarkable, but it was all set out in front of me. I didn't have to do anything except print a few papers out for the year and purchase a few supplies that were needed for projects. Everything in this curriculum was right at my fingertips. There were links for each book that was being used. The curriculum was set up in days for each grade.

 I was so excited that I showed my husband. He beganto look at the site and he agreed that we should use this curriculum for the kids next year. As the year has begun to wind up for us this year, we are already finishing our books. I set up lessons for Hunter to finish up his year using the Easy Peasy Homeschool website so that in the fall when he starts school again, he will be accustomed to the way it is set up and can go about it himself.

A few of my friends who homeschool were having a difficult time with purchasing
their books for school too. I felt guided to share this website with them. To my suprise, they will be using this curriculum as well. I am so excited that Grace's best friend will be using the same curriculum as she is. I am thankful that I was able to listen to God's guidance when searching for the right curriculum.

If you are interested in checking out this awesome curriculum, go to I promise you, it will not be a waste of time at all.

 Have a great day everyone!

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