Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Easy Peasy

My husband has been out of work for almost a year now. It will be one year on the 30th of this month that he has stopped working. There are days I am thankful to have him home and there are days that I'm thankful that God has guided me to be patient for him being home. A plus to this is that he has been a tremendous help around the house and has really come around being the greatest dad to our three kids. He is totally amazing! For that I am truly thankful.

One of the greatest things that he has really come on board with helping is with homeschooling our older two children. Our oldest is a freshman and our middle is in seventh grade this year. There have been days where I have really needed to lean on him because of an issue or two with the kids and their school work getting done. This was mostly with our son. Thankfully, as the year went on, our son has really began pulling his weight with homeschooling.

Next year with all three kids home and my husband still without an income, I had to be creative in finding curriculum. We utilized the Book Samaritan for some subjects. However, it wasn't what I expected when we got our package. I am a member of several homeschool groups on Facebook that have been very helpful with day to day things regarding school. I put out a "shout-out" for curriculum I needed in the brand of curriculum I was using for the kids. Someone suggested that we try the Easy Peasy Homeschool curriculum.

What is that you say? Easy Peasy Homeschool is a totally free curriculum for grades pre-k to 12. For grades pre-k to 8 everything is written out for you day to day. Plus it is a Christian curriculum with the option of taking the Bible portion out. This includes links for worksheets that you may need for that particular day and a note at the top of the day if you need anything extra like art supplies or supplies for a science experiment.

At first I was skeptical. I didn't really look at the curriculum. As I continued on my quest to look for the remaining items for our next school year, I was continually introduced to this webpage. I felt that I was being guided by God to choose this curriculum for our next school year. My only issue was that the high school wasn't planned out by days.

However, as I continued to look at the high school section of the curriculum, I realized it was perfectly planned for any high schooler. Our oldest child will be a Sophomore next year. She was so excited to plan her whole year out with the subjects that she wanted and needed for 10th grade. She chose the AP classes of the core classes she needed, Spanish, Math Finance, Computer, Anatomy and Physiology, and Microeconomics. I am very proud of her. She is also looking at taking a development class. I may make her wait as it is a lot of work for her already.

I have printed out each worksheet and written down all the extra things that we need to possibly purchase. I have a tote designated in my office to keep all the required objects that are needed for projects for next year. We pick up a few things each week so as it isn't expensive all in one trip.

While going through this curriculum, I became so very excited and realize that my children will absolutely love this curriculum as much as I will next year.  You should check it out. I think you will love it too. The best part is that it is almost completely free. The only thing I've had to really buy is paper and a few supplies that I would've bought anyway.

Have a look, maybe it will be right for you too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I stumbled across your blog this morning researching how other families use EP for their children. I have a 7th and 8th grader and I work fulltime and homeschool. Due to time constraints I felt EP would be perfect since the lessons were already laid out for me. My questions to you are: Are you still using EP and if so, how do you find it going with your two children? Also, are you using EP for highschool only or do you use to supplement only? Thank you in advance for your help.

Niki F.

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