Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Faster Internet Please

As a homeschooling family of five, we tend to use the internet a lot. The only issue that we have is that if everyone is on it at the same time, it goes very slow. When we bought our house we were told that we could get Time Warner Cable for our internet provider. I was very happy about that because that is what we were using at the apartment we were living in at the time. We didn't have any issues at all with it. We went ahead and purchased our home with the idea that we would have Time Warner Cable for our internet.

After we purchased our house and began moving things in, we were told by a Time Warner Cable installer that we did not in fact qualify for Time Warner at all. This was because the cable line for Time Warner ended 1 1/2 miles before our house. If we wanted to continue to get this service, we as customers, would have to purchase the cable to bring it out to our home. The purchase amount for that was $15,000. I was devastated as I hung up with the provider. The fast internet that I always liked because we homeschooled became a thing of the past.

For awhile we were told that the only internet service we could get was dial up. This really upset me. Why couldn't they bring the cable wire down to where I lived. Certainly, my neighbors would like to have faster internet too. I would think that it would be a positive aspect for the apartment complex that is two doors down from me.

We currently have wireless internet for our provider. While it isn't as fast as Time Warner Cable, it will do for now. It certainly is faster than dial up. For now I can dream of faster internet in hopes that Time Warner Cable gets their act together and brings the cable internet closer to me. I really do miss my cable internet.

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