Monday, September 2, 2013

New Adventures on the Horizon

While today is a holiday, tomorrow will begin our new adventure. My husband has had a life long dream to be a long haul trucker. This is exciting for our whole family.  Tomorrow he is going to the DMV to take his permit test for his CDL license. We have one more obstacle to overcome. Then he can apply to the company he wants to work for and get educated to be a long haul trucker.

Everyone asks if they are sure I am ready for what is to come. From the start I have felt that I can be supportive and excited about this journey. The truth is, I'm scared and worried for my husband. I am confident that God is leading him on the right path. I am also confident that this is going to be an exciting new journey for our family. I know there will be other road blocks and set backs along the way. There will be a long time period when my husband is at the company for training. I am prepared for that. I am prepared to be the only parent home taking care of the kids. I am prepared that he won't be home for long when he does come home between trips. I am prepared that he will be missing out on important things for the kids. I just hope he is prepared for that a little more than he is.

Today I am asking for prayers that the appointments we need to have taken care of are taken care of more quickly that they are appointed for. I am also asking for prayers that my husband stays confident and on top of all the overwhelming things that are to come.

Have a fabulous day! I know I will!

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Prayers! Your kids are old enough you shouldn't go TOO crazy. It sounds very exciting, actually, and I wish you all the best of luck.

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