Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeschool Reviews: Teen Coders Windows Coding with Homeschooling!

My husband is a computer programmer. He is a certified ethical hacker and can help any business learn if their computer is being hacked or has viruses. He is a very gifted man when it comes to computers. Because of this our son has a very similar like for this subject as well. While he doesn't want this to be his profession when he grows up, he definitely does want to learn the ins and outs of computers. He wants to learn how to make programs to his liking and be able to some day make a profit.

Our teens have tried this awesome program called Teen Coder Java Programming. This is a coding program put out by Homeschool Programming Inc. It is a very detailed program that introduces teens to programming their own video game. Our kids love it. They are still working on their project.

In the TeenCoder Windows Program, kids learn many interesting aspects ofWindows. They learn the language and how to apply it. They learn variables and input and flow control of the program. Ultimately they build their own program. It is a great addition to any homeschool program.

The TeenCoder Windows Program is very inexpensive at $90.00 for the course and the video. If you just want to purchase the course it costs $75.00. If you want to just purchase the video it costs $20.00. You will want to purchase the whole programming kit though because it helps your child to see things from both perspectives.
The best part is that you can do this all from home with your kids. You can learn together with them and make a fun and interesting game!

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