Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

God has provided us with many reasons to be thankful. He has provided us with three wonderful children. He has help us to accomplish the dream of owning our own home and our own vehicles without a house or car payment. He has directed us to a wonderful community of people who have shared their love of Christ with us and have become our family. He has brought our love as a family closer together.

This week we have a mission team up from Mississippi. They help us to do Random Acts of Kindness throughout our community. Because of this, we have been able to deliver baked goods to each of the individual business in our small city. It has been a wonderful teaching experience for our children as they learn how to give through the love of Christ to our community. The men who have come up with the mission team have worked on building small bridges for a park that we are building in our community as well. My husband and Bubba have been helping with this. It is the first year that they have helped with these tasks. It is a wonderful learning experience for both Bo and Bubba. They have grown new relationships with men that otherwise they never would have. It is amazing to see the relationships grow between each person.

I am excited that our children have been able to experience this opportunity. Not only has it taught them that people are truly grateful for what is offered, it also teaches them that one random act of kindness can be very profound on an individual. We have taken off the week from school and are using this as community service.

I continue to thank God each and every day for everything that he is providing us with. I look forward to the journey that God has set us upon and what he will provide us with in the future!

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