Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving? Why yes. Yes we are!

After careful consideration and much prayer, it has become a mission for this family to decide to move. Our oldest daughter has Renaud's Disease which causes poor circulation in her body. this was caused by frost bite when she was a little girl. It can be regulated by warmer climates. This is very important for her. My husband, as I have mentioned several times before, suffers from depression. This can sometimes be managed by climate and weather patterns. His definitely can be managed by warmer weather and more sun. So we have decided that it is the best interest of our family to move to a dryer, my warmer climate. So far in the running is Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Nevada. While these are all beautiful states, my favorites are Arizona and Utah. I feel we are being drawn to Arizona for some reason.

We will continue with homeschooling when we move. We are cleaning out our house and putting it up for sale. This is scary, frustrating, exciting, and adventurous for us. We are taking all of our animals because they are part of our family too. We are going the way God is guiding us at this time.

I am excited for this new adventure and all it has to offer. With everything we have been through this year, I can't wait for a fresh new start with those I love the most. 


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

That is a HUGE leap of faith. I will keep praying for you. Update us when you get the chance!

brandy lindsey said...

Thanks Christine! We are still cleaning things out in order to put the house up for sale. It is a slow process so far.

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