Monday, August 6, 2018


I have talked about this before, but I really want to share it again. About 5 years ago or so, we bought a wood cook stove. We were going to work on becoming more earth efficient. We were trying to save money. The problem with the stove that we had was that it wasn't a very good stove. It wasn't efficient. Most of all, it was very difficult to keep lit. 

This year, we have found the cook stove of my dreams. I am so excited to bring this stove in our house. Currently, it is sitting in our garage because it is 90 degrees out and we don't have the space for it yet. So we are working on the space to make for it and prepare our house for winter. One of the reasons why I am so excited is because it can be hooked up to a hot water heater and heat the hot water in our house instead of having to use oil. It is also newer and more efficient. I am so excited. I've never been this excited for winter or fall for that matter. Here's to the new stove. Here's to better efficiency. 

On another note, we are getting ready to send two kids to college. Our baby is a junior this year. It is a bittersweet year. I'm excited for them. I love that they are going on new adventures. I'm excited that they are heading out into the world. I never thought it would happen. But it has. 

That is all for now. Have a fabulous evening or day depending on where you are. I know I will.

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